‘Furiously Happy’

‘Furiously Happy’ is my philosophy in life. Jenny Lawson’s first book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, is one of my all time favorite books! It’s hilarious and relatable. When she released her second book, Furiously Happy, complete with Rory the (taxidermy) Raccoon on the cover, I had no idea it would change my life. She suffers from severe mental health issues and she decided to live ‘Furiously Happy,’ to do things even when she didn’t feel like getting out of bed. I sometimes suffer from quite severe anxiety and occasionally I just didn’t feel like doing things because it made me uncomfortable or whatever reason I created in my head. While I loved the idea, I hadn’t really practiced it fully. Flash forward a year and a half ago to my heart being broken by a guy who I thought could be something special, he wasn’t but he provided the catalyst to live ‘Furiously Happy.’ It occurred to me, with the help of my best friends, that I was focusing too much on the future life that included marriage and children. I also realized that I had spent the better part of a decade hustling to make a career for myself and that my life was on perpetual pause. So, this past year, I set out to embrace life and whatever may come. Let me tell you, it has been a game changer. I have done so many incredible things and met so many wonderful people. I have spent a lot of time in New York City attending concerts, going to museums, wandering around (my favorite thing to do in any city), reading in Central Park, and seeing a lot of Broadway shows. I have met some incredible actors and amazing theatergoers while standing in line/stage door. I have been transported from Bruce Springsteen’s Ashbury Park to Eliza Doolittle’s London to Hogwarts and everywhere in between. A prime example of the universe reacting to what you put out there… I love Bob Dylan and, even though it meant going to New York twice in two days, decided ‘Furiously Happy’ and went to see him (for the third time) in concert. I nearly collided with Sir Paul McCartney in the lobby. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life.

‘Furiously Happy’ is such a part of my life, even my friends remark on it. On this past birthday, many said they hoped in the next year that I continue to be ‘Furiously Happy’ and I will. I love to travel and have decided to see the world. So follow along, it will be a glorious (and ‘Furiously Happy’) ride!