Adventures Down Under: Be Brave and Live Furiously

‘It’s about taking those moments when things are fine and making them amazing, because those moments are what make us who we are, and they’re the same moments we take into battle with us’-Jenny Lawson

I still cannot believe that I flew across the globe, by myself, and spent two of the most glorious weeks of my life in New Zealand and Australia. I am not sure I would have been able to do this even a year ago. Iceland was an amazing chance to get my feet wet at solo, international travel. Going to Australia and New Zealand was a life affirming experience.

I, who has struggled my entire life with severe anxiety and deep worry about all things, got on a plane for a million hours and went way out of my comfort zone! I, who can go from zero to catastrophic instantly, climbed a bridge, road a jet boat, wandered around cities, and snorkeled in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I have seen all the pictures and I am still not sure it was real.

I couldn’t have done it without the support of my family and close friends. They are the heroes of my story. The people who have made my life better and made me braver. I have struggled with confidence but they never doubted my abilities. I now believe them when they tell me how brave I am. Sometimes you don’t realize it in the moment. But, particularly with anxiety, when those dark days come (and I have had a few recently), you can look back and see how far you have come.

The things I experienced on this trip will last a lifetime. I am forever changed by the things I did, the places I went, the people I met. It is true what they say, travel is the only thing that costs money that makes you richer.

Thank you to all those who read these (and my other) posts. There is more to come! I have moved across the country and will share all about my journey (it was quite the odyssey). I haven’t planned my next big trip yet but I have several ideas of where I want to go. Top on the list is Everest Base Camp so a lot of upcoming posts will be my traveling and hiking in the Pacific Northwest to get ready! 

2 thoughts on “Adventures Down Under: Be Brave and Live Furiously

  1. Pingback: Someone who, when given the chance, will escape to somewhere else.

  2. Pingback: Someone who, when given the chance, will escape to somewhere else.

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