Dispatches from my Couch: Bend in the Time of Corona

‘The only thing I knew how to do was to keep on keeping on.’-Bob Dylan

Well, it has been an interesting couple of weeks. It’s been hard and relaxing. I have baked a lot!!! I have so much free time. I have read a lot of books-I highly recommend Dear Edward and the new Jane Harper book, The Lost Man. All her books are amazing and this was no different. I have also watched soooo much television-old episodes of Project Runway, caught up on Will and Grace, my usual weekly shows, and discovered All Rise.

I also have grading, which I still hate and don’t want to do. My therapy has temporarily been suspend, but the worst thing, by far, is the restaurant has indefinitely closed. It was my outlet and my social group. My second home here. It was devastating. Thank god for social media to keep up with everyone. I suppose that is the consolation of this whole thing is that even if I was with my dearest friends in Philly, I wouldn’t be able to hang out with them either.

I have been taking walks around the neighborhood and it’s finally warm! I did it when it was chilly, just kept telling myself it was good preparation for my future trip to Everest Base Camp (now shooting for December 2021). I’ve made a couple of trips to the grocery and even fashioned my own facemark, per CDC guidance.

Hopefully this will all be over soon. I’m not worried about getting sick but I am worried about what will happen financially at the end of the semester. I’m grateful for a support system, a home I could always return to, friends who check in frequently, and, in a strange turn of events, how much I really do love living in Bend. Coming out of the winter, I really appreciate where I live. My students at the college and my colleagues at the restaurant have been huge parts of this. I just hope my Bob Dylan concert isn’t canceled or my September trip to Philadelphia postponed. The bright side is my apartment here is much nicer than my old one and no crazy neighbor. She definitely would have driven my insane if I was still in PA, so silver lining.

I cannot wait to share more adventures with you…trust me, a trip to the Pacific is first up! Need to go to my favorite place and recharge after this period of Bend in the Time of Corona. Stay healthy and wash your hands!

All photos are from around Bend. It’s quite pretty.

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  2. Pingback: Someone who, when given the chance, will escape to somewhere else.

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