Adventures in New York: The Guggenheim

New York has so many wonderful museums, both big and small. One of the most famous is the Guggenheim. It is located on the Upper East Side at 88th Street and 5th Avenue (right across from Central Park). While the museum is known for their collection of modern art, what it is mostly recognized for is the building itself. Completed in the 1950s, the building was designed by one of America’s greatest architects, Frank Lloyd Wright. The building is a stark contrast with the tall buildings that surround it and the much more traditional Metropolitan Museum of Art across the street. It is unique and very cool!

I love the building but the museum is not my go to. It is expensive ($25) and I think you can get much more value for your money at the Met (which will be featured in an upcoming post). You can, however, pay what you wish on Saturday evenings, so I highly recommend doing that! The Guggenheim focuses on much more modern art, which I like. If you are thinking of going, look at what exhibits are currently there. The main gallery space (the circular walk) is a changing gallery. When I was there, it was Hilma af Klint. It was nice and you could see her progression over her lifetime. As these exhibits are what you will primarily see, if you are not ‘into the artist’ you will not enjoy yourself!

There is an alcove with paintings from the permanent collection, but Picasso and Manet are featured. They have another alcove with an additional changing exhibit. When I was there it was Robert Mapplethorpe photographs. I enjoyed the pop culture photos but I knew he was more famous, and controversial, for his nudes, which were also on display but further back. It was cool to see his famous pictures of musician Patti Smith (I am not a big fan of hers, but her co-written song with Bruce Springsteen, ‘Because the Night’, is phenomenal). I was hoping that the Jackson Pollack collection would still be there…it wasn’t. I should have checked!

Overall, unlike some of the others, it is imperative to check what the temporary exhibits are! If it is not, head to one of the others. The is by far the best thing about this museum! I love it!

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