Dispatches from the Road: Christmas on the Coast

 “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” -Lewis Carroll

I knew I wasn’t able to head home for Christmas. It was bittersweet because I have not spent the holidays without my dad and/or brother or my best friends, Bob and Kim, in years. I got a job in a restaurant to meet people and add to my travel fund, so I worked most of my holiday break from school but I had three days off-December 24-26. So I decided instead of being sad I was by myself, I would go to my happy place…the Pacific Coast. I chose to go Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I was able to get an ocean front hotel room in Lincoln City, Oregon for about $70…it was amazing! I highly recommend Sailor Jack’s! On the way I stopped at the new In-n-Out burger in Kizer, Oregon…it was delicious!

So the reason why I decided to go, other than the Pacific is good for my soul (I know, you’ve heard that a lot), is that I read an article that there was a massive gray whale migration and you can see them from the Oregon coastline. In addition, peak time for viewing is between Christmas and New Years. Well, I love whales (as you also know) and was like, sign me up. Here’s the thing, when making plans you have to be okay with them not working out. Mother nature can be unpredictable.

Christmas Eve, I faced really rainy weather…which was fine, I got to the coast near sunset. It was too cloudy to see any whales. No problem, I thought, I have the whole day tomorrow. And it was sunny…it also brought really, really choppy water. While it made for some beautiful pictures, it did not make it easy to see gray whales. I think I may have seen two but after that, it could have been a whale or a cresting wave. But I had fun. I stopped at Yaquina Head National Park, it was really lovely. I have an America the Beautiful pass, which grants access to all national parks, but it was free due to the holiday. It has a very famous lighthouse and excellent views. I sat on a bench and just listened to the waves crashing. It is also a known as a great whale watching spot…I wouldn’t know, lol. But it was a great way to spend a day.

The moral is that you should travel because it feeds your soul and be okay if you don’t see what you intended. That is nature. Being said, I hope she cooperates when I head to Yosemite next month to see the ‘Firefall.’ Stay tuned!

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