Adventures in New York: Welcome to New York City

‘One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.’-T. Wolfe

I love New York, which should be apparent if you’ve read some of my posts! I love the way I feel in the city, the architecture, the museums, and, mostly, Broadway. As I am not going on my next great adventure until June, I thought I would share a bit about one of my most favorite cities (Philadelphia and California will be spotlighted throughout the year, so stay tuned). So welcome to the new series, ‘Adventures in New York!’

I usually drive in to NYC, stay the day, and drive home after a show. Thus, I am not an expert on hotel stays. However, I use Expedia for all things travel and always find a great deal. Hotels can be expensive but I highly recommend staying near Midtown/Upper West Side. It is centrally located and it’s an incredibly safe area. Spend a little more because if you are way uptown (Harlem) or way downtown (Battery Park), you’re going to spend the difference on subways or cab fare.

When I tell people I drive, they think I am nuts and how expensive it is. They would be wrong. It actually costs me more to park in Philadelphia and it only takes me about 30 more minutes to be in Midtown than it would to be in Center City. Listen, I love Philadelphia but given the option to see a touring production in Philadelphia or the original Broadway production (for cheaper), I will always pick New York. Drivers can sometimes view lanes as optional, but Philly has been perfect training. I would rather drive anywhere in NYC than Philly. Which brings me to parking, the biggest thing people mention is how expensive it is to park. That is not even close to being true. I used to park at 38th and Madison, where I could park up to 12 hours for $35. Then I discovered Park Whiz and it is a game changer. You type in your address (I just search whatever theatre I am going to) and it pulls up all the parking garages and prices in the entire area. I’m cheap and am willing to walk a few blocks. I also only park at Icon or SP+, not that others are not great, I just prefer a reputable chain. I have saved a ton of money. The last time I went to the city, I parked a few blocks (maybe 5 minute walk) from the theatre. Without Park Whiz, it would have cost $70 (you see the cost before they enter your code). I paid $30. The lowest I have paid is $10…for the entire day…in Manhattan (it was in Greenwich Village, 2 blocks from the Public Theatre, where I was going). I refuse to pay more than $40 and I rarely pay that. Some theatres have discounts with Icon and those will be given when you either buy your tickets online or with your ticket. Pre-Park Whiz, when I was seeing Springsteen on Broadway, I was headed into rush hour and trying to make it to actually see Bruce (stay tuned) so I just parked. The theatre gave me a $20 discount, so I paid $40.

When I am there, I don’t take the subway (which is incredibly user friendly, so don’t fret) or a cab. I just walk. Wandering is my favorite pastime and NYC is perfect for that. In the Spring/Summer, I get an iced tea, sandwich from Pret a Manger, and read a book in Central Park. Which brings me to food, eat whatever you want. There is something for everyone. I’m cheap, so I eat at Pret pretty much every time I am there (I recommend the egg salad and raspberry lemonade). If I do sit down, slightly nicer dining, I like Serafina and sometimes, when I just want an excellent burger, I’ll stop at the Hard Rock Cafe (they’re so good!).

I hope you enjoy this adventure as I share some of my most favorite things about the city that never sleeps!

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