Adventures in New York: The Central Park Zoo

This should come as zero surprise to anyone who has read this blog, but I love to wander. Like, it is my favorite thing to do in any city. No matter how many times you go to a city, you always stumble upon something new. On my last visit to NYC, that was the Central Park Zoo. In all my times going to Central Park, I had never come close to the zoo. In fact, other than it being in the Park, I could not have told you were it was. I usually spend my time on the Upper West Side, but this Saturday I decided to switch it up on the Upper East Side (around 60th). I am so glad I did as I really enjoyed seeing all the animals! Being the middle of February, and late in the afternoon, there were very few people there. It was awesome!

But it is something to keep in mind, it closes at 4:30! I arrived at 3:30 and had plenty of time to enjoy myself, the zoo is not that big. Also something to note, in several areas strollers are not allowed and it becomes like Disneyland with a bunch of strollers parked outside. This was not as big of an issue because it was not crowded (and I don’t have kids), but I expect it could be a hassle during peak season. Tickets are very affordable and my adult ticket was $14! Well worth it.

For such a small park, they have quite a lot of animals: grizzlies, snow leopards, snow monkeys, red pandas, penguins, sea lions, seals, and a massive tropical bird habitat. Be forewarned, the bird exhibit is VERY humid. The moment I walked in my glasses and camera fogged up. Luckily I my vision is not that bad and I had my handy microfiber cloth my dad gave me, but it was hot and I was in a parka and scarf.

I really enjoyed all the animal exhibits. As a California girl, I particularly loved seeing the grizzle bears! I also have a thing for penguins, so I was on cloud nine (I am going to an island of penguins in Australia, you’ve been warned). The snow leopards are shy and fast, but very pretty!

The Central Park Zoo was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! I highly recommend!

Most images were taken with my Lumix G7 and a Lumix telephoto lens.

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