Adventures in New York: Times Square

So I have written a lot about what I love about New York (and plenty more to come) and you might get to wondering that New York City must be the most perfect place because she seems to love it all. Well, I am here to shatter that reality, I am very sorry to say it, but I deeply hate Times Square. The great irony is that I spend more time here than any other part of the city. You may ask, ‘Kelly, if you hate it so much (and I really, truly do), why spend so much time there?’ That is easy…it is where all the Broadway theatres are. That should show you how much I love the theatre that I am willing to subject myself to this place on a near weekly basis.

When I am in Time Square, I know that Sartre was right…hell really is other people. I do not know what it is about these few blocks but it seems as people lose all sense of decorum and how to function amongst other humans. I just do not understand why people insist on standing in the middle of the sidewalk trying to figure out where they need to go. I have somewhere to go and I know where it is, so please step to the storefronts to figure it out. I have also seen people just stop at the curb of the crosswalk…ummm I am not trying to get hit by a car!

Time Square is not all bad. It is a great place to kill time because it is capitalism run amuck. So. Many. Stores! Also, there is good food. Juniors is an institution. They are known for their cheesecakes (and it is well deserved) but the food is pretty good and well priced. It is always crowded. As I am usually solo, I simply go to the bar. And while it is beyond cliche, I really like the Hard Rock Cafe! They just have really amazing burgers and I listen to loads of music, so I like that look at all the stuff. I will say, the Hard Rock is below ground so you won’t get any cell reception, so it’s a great way to unplug for a bit.

While my Broadway post is forthcoming and, in my opinion, will be my best post yet, but a tip for you. You will see a massive TKTS booth in the middle of Time Square. It is very famous. People will tell you to go there because you can get day of discount tickets to many of the shows. You will also have to get there early and wait in line for a very long time. Don’t do it. There are so many other ways to get tickets but the best for same day is Today Tix, which is very similar and it’s all on your phone. I mean, you are on holiday, why wait in line unless you are going to Cinderella’s Castle or Hogwarts!

And finally, make sure to look up as you can see the famous New Years Ball that is up year round!

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