Adventures in New York: Greenwich Village

While I am not there often, my favorite neighborhood in New York City is Greenwich Village. I really love the Upper West Side but Bob Dylan got his start in the Village and if you have read any of my posts it will be of no surprise that this association is the tie breaker. I am who I am! In addition, two of my favorite television shows are Friends and Mad About You, both take place in or adjacent to the Village. I mean, the neighborhood has a lot going for it-excellent food, coffee and book shops, a neighborhood feel, but really, I just love Bob Dylan! On that note, you should listen to at least one Dylan song while you wander. My favorites are ‘Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright‘ (this is one of my all time favorite songs and own multiple versions both by him and others), ‘Like a Rolling Stone,’ ‘It Ain’t Me Babe,’ ‘Times They Are a Changin’,’ and ‘Hurricane.’ But really, they are mostly all good!

I am usually in the Village to see a show at the Public Theater. It is an Off-Broadway theatre (the classification is based on how many people can sit in the space) and they have fantastic productions. A Chorus Line and a little show you may have heard of called Hamilton got their starts here. It is awesome! I enjoyed my first visit so much, I became a member! Ironically, the first show I saw there was Girl From North Country, a musical inspired by the music on Bob Dylan. It was amazing (and others agreed, so not just my Dylan rose-colored glasses!). I am desperate for a cast album, I told Sydney James Harcourt this in the lobby. His version of ‘Hurricane’ was stupendous. He very much appreciated my opinion! I recently saw Sea Wall/A Life with Tom Sturidge and Jake Gyllenhaal. Also amazing! I will be returning in a couple weeks to see another show! It is an intimate space and you feel a connection to the work. I will let you know, every time I have gone there have been quite famous people in the audience. I ran into two near the restrooms (it is becoming my thing, ha!). Just be cool and read the situation. They are there to see great theatre too! What is funny is that I have run into Anthony Edwards and Paul Dano, both of whom I had met previously at their respective Broadway shows. They both looked at me as if they had seen me before. I just smile and nod, but it is pretty cool!

Washington Square Park and its famous arch is the hub of the Village. It is always crowded and you can see so many people there…it’s great for people watching! It also provides amazing views of the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower. A few blocks up from the park you can see the famous Flatiron Building!

If you are in the city, the Village is a must see…especially if you love Friends! The famous apartment is on Bond Street. There is no way Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler lived there but very cool nonetheless! Sadly, there is no Central Perk but there is a restaurant! The neighborhood is much less claustrophobic and a slower pace. Just be sure to listen to some Dylan! So ‘Don’t think twice’ about taking a stroll (thanks to my dad for the pun).

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