It’s been a minute since I talked about my personal philosophy: to live ‘Furiously Happy.’ I have discussed it in other posts, but as I was walking around New York City Saturday, I felt immense gratitude and wanted to share. The last year and a half, where I have put my mind fully in what Jenny Lawson wrote in her books, my life has been better. I am so much happier and my anxiety has lessened. It is still there, lurking, but it is manageable. I am happy and I couldn’t have truly said that a few years ago. I continue to meet extraordinary people and have seen some spectacular places. You have seen some of my journey the past six months and it is just the beginning!

I have a lot of things coming up. In the immediate future (five weeks!) I will be headed on one of my biggest adventures yet…New Zealand and Australia! I am also in the planning stages of figuring out when to head to my dream destination…Mount Everest. Well it is Everest Base Camp because I won’t be climbing the actual mountain…ever! But I have a weird fascination with the tallest peaks. I have no idea why, but that and volcanoes are where my weird reading/watching habits reside, ha! I’m also hoping to maybe go to Kilimanjaro, Morocco, China, and a girls trip to Alaska in the next couple of years!

I Also have a lot of things going on behind the scenes and those closest to me already know. In the coming months I will share, but I will leave you with this…follow your bliss. If you feel a pull somewhere, explore. It may be the universe telling you that your journey maybe taking a detour. Pay attention to signs, something I wasn’t a true believer in until recently. I received one, clear as a sunny day, from my mom. It came from an unlikely source, but maybe not, and it confirmed that I was headed in the right direction. And yes, I cried because, well, me!

Thank you to everyone who has read my posts. To my friends and family who continue to surprise me with their love and support. They make it possible to live ‘Furiously Happy!’

Also, much like Jenny Lawson would do, is to say while that sounds like a conclusion it isn’t. Your regular travel schedule will resume. Keep an eye out for a massive rollout of all things Broadway. It will be coming once I complete my voyage into the seventh circle of hell…otherwise knowing as grading undergraduate papers…two weeks left until the semester ends!

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